Monday, February 29, 2016

 "Leap" of Faith"
leap day
[ˈlēp ˌdā]
1. The intercalary day in a leap year; February 29.

1. Jump or spring a long way, to a great height, or with great force:
What better time than leap day to "leap" back into the blogging world and pick up where we left off.  I found that I couldn't keep up with both a Texas Fort Worth Mission Facebook Page and a blog so had to choose the easiest and quickest way to get pictures and information out into the web world.   BUT with our three year mission coming to an end, I am determined to "jump a long way" and do both! Blogging our transition home from this great leap of faith, "and great force" that we took almost three years ago.
Where to start?! One of the many reason I decided on the blog name "Ames All Around" had to do with documenting all the areas of our life. 

Around means to be located and situated on every side, so as to reach a new place or position, typically by moving from one side of something to the other: in existence, vicinity, or in active use: in or to many places throughout (a community or locality),  and one of my personal favorite definition: so as to encircle or embrace (someone or something)
 Although Texas will definitely hold a special place in our heart for these many things listed, it's about so much more.

It's about watching these missionaries eighteen, nineteen,  twenty years old, seniors and senior couples who have retired, turning in applications and watching them serve, volunteer, sacrifice, struggle, grow, develop, improve in their communication skills; obtain an incredible increase in confidence; and an overwhelming love for the people with whom they have served.

It's about watching missionaries acquire abilities to set and reach goals, to gain a sense of responsibility for themselves and others, to concentrate on their educational studies and to build positive relationships with people of varied backgrounds. 

It's about watching missionaries
 build a strong foundation for the future, both within the family and the Church and in academic and professional pursuits, and obtaining direction for the rest of their lives.

It's about watching Missionaries' lives  completely dedicated.  Paying their own way and putting off school, dating and work for two years or eighteen months in order to focus entirely on service.
It's about a missionary waking up at 6:30 a.m., exercising, studying, planning and meeting new people to help resolve their concerns, with their afternoon discussing gospel lessons with people they meet and volunteering for service in the community.

It's about them teaching to interested individuals and helping them learn and keep commitments that will bring them more peace and happiness than they have ever experienced. It's about attending a baptismal service for someone who's decided to join the Church. Then it's about watching these dedicated, hard working missionaries return home around 9:30 p.m. plan for the next day and fall into bed, usually exhausted and happy.

It's about being part of something even LARGER than I can ever comprehend with  84,000 missionaries currently serving in 405 missions around the world.
 It's been a great "leap" these past (almost three) years. Coming a long way from where we were, raising to greater heights in every area of our lives, and coming back with great force than ever before!
Happy Leap Day!