Friday, March 28, 2014

Smorgasbord of pictures from phone- (Vol. V)

When life hands you lemons.....drink lemon water-.another visual aid I was sending to Isaac to take for his sore throat. That is one cute pucker 
Jacob was my visual aid in showing Isaac what he should be taking for his sore throat-guess he isn't very fond of cough drops 
For Spring Break, Jacob got to go to Hawaii with some great friends of ours-this is him saying a hui hou (good bye in Hawaiian) on his way out the door
This was one of the first pictures Jacob sent to me from Hawaii from his phone. I LOVE that he finds beauty in God's creations, was thoughtful to think of sending, and knew it would make me so happy.  Its now my background screen.
More pictures that Jacob sent to me from his phone

Meanwhile Jessica had a small spring break of her own. We took in some great sights/sites and stores and had a great road trip/time.

Who is this masked woman?........

Other random pictures from my phone.....

How we love our Senior Couples
And how we love our returning missionaries
I love this picture in that it captures a lot of the emotions that missionaries are feeling as they are loading up in the mission van for the last time, headed to the airport to return home after two years!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

March.... the month of wind sails by

President Ames had his birthday March fell on a Sunday and so all 280 missionaries were able to wish him a Happy Birthday in their weekly email to him on Monday (The assistants and I made sure of that) As usual he had meetings and deadlines to attend to, so we did our very best to make his day great.  For his birthday, on his birthday he said that all he wanted was for his family to remember.  He was able to visit with our adult children, had a nice dinner and birthday cookie cake with some gifts and not only did each of his siblings, remember but they each sent a "Happy Birthday" video and he just loved it. 

With President Ames the oldest of eight siblings, that made for nine birthday videos-making his birthday,that much greater.

 As long as he can remember, every year on his birthday, his mother calls him at the exact time that he was born. He was just minutes away from being born on St. Patrick's Day.  He was brought to her with a shamrock pinned to his diaper and he has been a good luck charm to all he meets ever since!
From the looks of it...he seems to have had one great birthday indeed!

Because Jacob was flying home from Hawaii on the day of his dad's birthday, we celebrated the following night on Monday too.  A man definitely worth celebrating more than once.....

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Transfers #6- Departing Missionaries

Departing Missionaries are always a mixture of emotions~sad, happy, scared, excited, nervous, ready, anxious...however, mostly there is sense of fulfillment, approval and satisfaction. But my most favorite of all would have to be the feeling of pure and complete joy that is radiates from these representatives that have sacrificed so much to "bring the world His truth".  And I'm even more convinced than ever, that its not an emotion at all, but a sanctification that has taken place in their lives.
It seems so appropriate that they would spend their last day in the Temple 

Its always fun to see them receive their binders, containing the weekly letters they have written to their Mission President and the letters written to them among other "monumentos".

We all got to be a part of Sister Reina's family picking her up at the Mission Home

So of course that meant...more pictures!

"In all of living have much fun and laughter, Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured."
President Gordon B Hinkley