Thursday, August 8, 2013

Transfers cont.

After we pick the incoming missionaries up at the airport, we take them back to the Mission Home where we take their picture to send back home to their parents, and then they are treated to a welcome to Texas barb-e-que brisket, baked beans, rolls, potato, green and fruit salad, pretzel jello (Texas style), and then topped off with a Texas sheet cake with none other than blue bell ice cream (and only blue bell will do in Texas). 

After lunch we have a getting to know you and testimony meeting, and then head over to the church for some training from Sister Ames and the Assistants and interviews from President Ames.  That will usually run into the early evening where they are then dispersed to different places to sleep.
One of our new Elders willing to participate in an object lesson training....

The next morning we meet back at the church to introduce them to their trainers/new companions! Its pretty exciting and nerve wracking in that they have no idea what to expect, but all the same excited to be there and do whatever is asked of them.  
That same day, is when we have TRANSFERS=when a missionary changes to another place, route, or means of transportation during a journey.
This was Sister Ames's first transfer so she was very excited to say the least!! It appeared to be a big reunion where everyone is hugging, talking, giving high five's, laughing oh and moving their luggage from one car to the next.  But really in short its taking all the missionaries that aren't training brand new missionaries and mixing them all up according to how President Ames felt needed.  I had never seen anything so chaotic move so smooth and efficient!  I kept asking, "How do they know what to do, where to go"? Its mostly inspiring to see how happy, kind, loving and motivating these missionaries are to each other and everyone around them. 

After transfers are complete, and the new missionaries have been assigned their trainers and all go on their way, we take the missionaries that have completed their mission back to the Mission Home for a quick lunch (and final interview if needed) before we all head to the Temple together. 


We also take our Senior couples that are leaving, and treat them to a nice dinner afterwards.  This part is anything but work for us!
After the Temple we take them back to the Mission Home for a farewell Texas barb-e-que brisket meal, same as the first. Then we have some final thoughts and testimonies, and then its good-bye until they are taken to the airport early the next morning.  Its full of a lot of mixed emotions, especially with these missionaries returning home after being gone for so long.  But mainly it is a testimony of natures and lives changed forever and many blessed beyond comprehension. 

We never said we didn't have any fun- I mostly love how happy these missionaries are after serving, obeying, committing, changing, inviting, and loving.

This is a great way for them to end their mission and we just love it. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


So as we were saying...Our first transfer was August 7th.  But before transfers we have what's called...uh..the new missionaries that arrive? There's not an official name for them other than, The Arriving Missionaries! We were so excited and had no idea what to expect.  We met the assistants at the Mission office and they were prepared with their trailer and vans ready to pick up 20 brand new missionaries.

Sister Ames-Anxious, nervous, excited..!!
President Ames-calm, collected, and happy as usual

When we got to the airport to pick up our first group of missionaries (to welcome them to the Best Mission in the World!) we looked over and happened to notice a man holding this
(see below)
We had to do a double take and then of course a camera take, because what are the odds?! Then a young teenage boy walked through the terminal, looked at us and said, "They're comin"! And comin they did! It was so much fun.

We now know why a big white trailer is needed!

 love the sisters envelopes sticking out

The first of many!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Welcome to TEXAS!

As soon as we stepped off the plane, President and Sister Sagers were there ready to greet and meet us.  They were so kind and welcoming.  We gathered our luggage and piled it high in the Assistants truck.  When the Assistants offered for Jacob to ride with them, he didn't hesitate and jumped right in.  The rest of us climbed into President Sager's car, soon to be President Ames car.  It didn't take long to feel at ease and were just in a daze.  First, we were treated to an an amazing barb-e-que meal..Texas style, where we continued to talk with the Sagers, and receive as much counsel/advice as possible!!  We then headed straight to the Mission Office where we greeted the office Senior couples and then it was off to the Mission home.  Of course there were a few thing we noticed right away, in this place that we are going to call home for the next 3 years....
They DO fly the Texas Flag at the same level as the American Flag

They allow "transplants" (more on that later) to ride their pink pigs or rather....hogs as we learned is the correct term

Running trails were a bit different than back in Kansas City....
  We were visualizing dust and tumbleweed but instead were pleasantly greeted with signs like these.....

nope, no tumbleweed here...Colleyville, Texas is a beautiful place and we are very excited, humbled and ready to serve where and how we are needed!