Friday, January 31, 2014

smorgasbord of pictures from phone- Vol III (Jan)

This picture pretty much speaks for itself...ha ha 

 President Ames exercising...Rain or shine~!
Chelsea and Jessica choosing a movie for a girls night 
"Sister Ames, is this something I should be concerned about?" Its been this way for about a month." These missionaries obviously don't like to waste time worrying about themselves....  
But sometimes they just have to grin and bare it
This was taken at our last Missionary Leadership Council.  We had quite the group observing.  Representatives from the Missionary Department, and three future mission presidents who were recently called.
Taken at MLC- love to see how observant these missionary leaders are

Also love to see how diligently they take notes to take to their zones/areas.
This was a screen shot was taken by Jessica New Years.  I find it so sweet that her background/screen saver was taken from her Uncle Brian's funeral back in June. The balloons were released at his graveside. 
Celebrating New Years
Alex and Chelsea visiting at Christmas time

 Isaac, Jacob and Alex

Meanwhile back at the ranch...with the fam

Back at the ranch (or rather Mission Home) Jacob celebrated his 13th Birthday.  A teenager at last!  Thankfully he hasn't started the eye rolling, sassy talkin attitude.  The morning started out with muffins, making a wish and blowing out candles.

Then it was time to drop Isaac off at the airport so he could get back to school.  I couldn't help but think how fast time flies (no pun intended)

Jacob, Isaac and Jessica

Jessica, Jacob, Isaac
Jacob joined Cross County and here in Texas they compete all year around. This was Jacob's first race on the A team, it was roughly 47 degrees so he was a bit chilly.  Thankfully he was pretty easy to spot with those red shoes (along with those long white Jensen legs)
When he's not running, he's usually doing something that involves music (singing, playing the piano and guitar) 
 Jacob also loves to create and experiment.  This is one of his experiments that he did New Year's Eve, a one that we all especially liked, a bowl made out of chocolate. Yum!

But after 6 months, Jacob is finally adjusting to the Texan ways!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Transfers #5- Departing Missionaries

It's hard to imagine what these missionaries are thinking as they prepare to return home after two years of dedicated service.  Before leaving to serve, they most likely boxed up many things....clothes, shoes, pictures, along with wants, desires and habits.  Perhaps placing that box on a shelf, in an attic or basement storage. When they return, retrieve the box, they will find that many things do not fit like they use to.    The growth that they have experienced is beyond anything they could ever imagined.  But the love for their mission, their investigators, converts, members and area stays with them forever.  It only seems appropriate that the Temple would be the place for those missionaries returning home to ponder their mission, and begin their new journey in life.
Back at the Mission Home, testimonies and memories are shared.  We love having the missionaries in the mission home and hearing of their memories/feelings when they first arrived.   Its so fun to hear their comments as they are given their binders that contain all the letters they have written to the Mission President.
Elder Yorgason's family member wrote one of our favorite books "Charlie's Monument"

"In all of living, having much fun and laughter.  Life is meant to be enjoyed, not just endured." Gordon B Hinkley 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Transfers #5- Arriving Missionaries

Its hard to believe its already been six weeks!  And that means....more incoming missionaries!!  More missionaries to welcome, feed, train, acclimate, teach, comfort, love, assist, and learn from.  It never ceases to amaze us how we instantly feel connected to these awesome missionaries...Maybe its because we are all wearing the badge.....

Maybe its all of us knowing that we are having a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and that our primary role is that of a gospel  teacher.  Well and the fact that we are all anticipating the adventure, camaraderie, excitement, novelty, joy and the deepest fulfillment we can ever imagine!  Together, we instantly realize that as missionaries, we are going to stretch even higher, strive even harder, reach even deeper and grow stronger than ever before.  And together we eagerly anticipate the promise given in the Guide to Missionary Service "Preach My Gospel" ..."That more happiness awaits you than you have ever experienced as you labor among His children".


Assistant Elder Henderson training Assistant Elder Mann

New Missionaries and their Trainers

These are some AWESOME missionaries! Excited to see how they progress- we just love them.