All About Us

WE...Rodney Ames along with wife, Kimberlee Jensen Ames have been given the awesome opportunity to serve a 3 year full time mission along with our two youngest children Jessica and Jacob Ames(with older sons Rodney Alexander/awesome wife Chelsea,and Elder Isaac Ames cheering from the sidelines!!)where we will leave our home, work, friends and family for the period of 3 years in which Rodney will be "Mission President Ames" and will be over a total of approximately 600+ missionaries over the 3 yr period, but will  supervise a group of approximately 250 missionaries between the ages of 18-25(in addition to senior couples)at one time and will direct their missionary labors.  This is a blog of our experience from the beginning (well and maybe some other adventures along the way)!!
Our address is
4416 Eaton Circle
Colleyville, TX