Sunday, February 17, 2013


Once we were told that our mission call of WHERE we would serve was mailed, we were constantly going to the mailbox and keeping an eye out for the Fed Ex truck, being that we weren't sure how exactly it would come. We can now honestly say that we know exactly how these missionaries feel, our boys included as they have to wait!   Kim's birthday is Feb. 16th and that is important to mention because one of her gifts was the call itself! Well the envelope that is....Jessica had discovered it on the front porch on Feb.14 and conspired with her siblings to keep it from both Rodney and her until her birthday.  Talk about strong will power!  Jacob said, "It was really hard to wait, but I'm so grateful I did"! It ended up that we were able to skype with Elder Ames from Chile (w/permission from his Mission President of course) Alex and Chelsea on Sunday, Feb. 17th. So we were all able to be together as a family to find out where we would be serving for the next 3 years.  All of us being together and the call of finally knowing where we were going was the best birthday gift ever!
Rodney had meetings all day, but he was able to step in a small room that was available at the church long enough to open the call with us all together.  Here he is trying to connect with Elder Ames, Alex and Chelsea.
Well hello there Elder Ames....
 Alex and his wife Chelsea, from Utah....

So once we had everyone gathered together in a small room, Rodney opened up the envelope and read:
"We are please to announce you will serve in the Texas, Fort Worth Mission beginning or on about July, 1, 2013."!!!

And look who happens to be wearing her cowboy boots!  Nice Jess! 

Needless to say, we were all very excited.  Kim was especially excited that she would still be in the US with her older children, therefore being able to still see them every now and again! Yee haw! Not to mention would still have access to her highlight hair color (with clean running water rather than the alternative) and would also be able to get her nails done when/if time allowed her to do so.  But mainly and most importantly we are especially excited to serve and experience all that Texas has to offer....because from what we hear..."everything is bigger and better in Texas"!!  

Included was the call of where we were going, the area that President Ames would be over, contact information of the current Mission President, our housing information among other useful information.  

Its true what missionaries have said....that once you read the place of where you are going, you instantly fall love with it and instantly know that it is where God wants and needs for you to go.  That feelings grows stronger everyday, and it helps to hear so many great things about the Dallas, Fort Worth Texas Mission!!

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