Wednesday, August 7, 2013


So as we were saying...Our first transfer was August 7th.  But before transfers we have what's called...uh..the new missionaries that arrive? There's not an official name for them other than, The Arriving Missionaries! We were so excited and had no idea what to expect.  We met the assistants at the Mission office and they were prepared with their trailer and vans ready to pick up 20 brand new missionaries.

Sister Ames-Anxious, nervous, excited..!!
President Ames-calm, collected, and happy as usual

When we got to the airport to pick up our first group of missionaries (to welcome them to the Best Mission in the World!) we looked over and happened to notice a man holding this
(see below)
We had to do a double take and then of course a camera take, because what are the odds?! Then a young teenage boy walked through the terminal, looked at us and said, "They're comin"! And comin they did! It was so much fun.

We now know why a big white trailer is needed!

 love the sisters envelopes sticking out

The first of many!