Friday, October 4, 2013

Ames all around....

Getting around to the other members of the R.Ames family......
Alex and Chelsea are workin, studyin, earnin, drivin, lovin, servin, playin and just plain innovatin in Provo, Utah.  We talk to them as much as they will allow us without driving them crazy.  We are so grateful for skype, face time and texting.  It helps when we are needing our Alex and Chelsea fix!

 Hard to believe its already been a little over 2 years since Alex has been home off his mission....and what great ideas and counsel he gives each time we call and ask his opinion having to do with the mission/missionaries.  I especially love how he is always quick to respond, "Ultimately though, its whatever dad feels inspired to do as the Mission President"....great counsel. 

Isaac is all settled at BYUI.  He loves everything about college life... he is studyin, workin, servin, playin, and doin lots of datin!  

That would be Isaac in the sunglasses
Hard to believe he has been home from his mission for almost 5 months! He too has such great counsel and advice for mom and dad and we love getting advice from a missionary's point of few so to speak.  He too is always very mindful of the keys that President Ames holds for the Texas Fort Worth Mission. 
Side note from mom: Since being here on this mission, I have realized even more what incredible missionaries my sons were.  I am amazed at how hard they worked, based on their Mission President and companions.  I never heard about any of the struggles, doubts or fears that they had, yet I know there had to be some.  If there in one things I have already learned from this mission, it is that one cannot grow or develop without trial and opposition. There has to be strengthening and with that comes some struggling. 
They were always so happy, positive and inspiring!  It was such a strength to me and blessed our lives so much in ways that is hard to describe.  I hope to encourage our missionaries to be the same. To have an optimism for the work, for their mission, their companions, the missionaries, members and area.   

It will be so very nice to be together for the holidays......

Just love these guys!!!