Thursday, June 26, 2014

Interviews and Exchanges

                             Interviews and Exchanges with missionaries

Every quarter President Ames meets with every single missionary in the mission.  He begins at 8:00 am and will normally meet with them for 15 min.  This giving him a chance to see where they are at spiritually, mentally, and physically, to answer question or concerns that might have and provide instructions.  During interviews the Zone Leaders are providing training and instruction that was discussed in the Missionary Leadership Council held.  It is so powerful to watch it come full circle, and really seems to unite them as missionaries and as a zone.  Then after a quick lunch, President Ames goes on exchanges with four different companionship that the Zone Leaders have set up.  In order for President Ames to go on an exchange with the sister missionaries, I need to be with him and sometimes depending on my schedule with the kids, I get to go and its definitely become one of my most favorite things to do!  (especially the Spanish speaking)!!
After exchanges with the missionaries, President Ames then goes over the appointment with them, asking them questions, giving them feedback and instructions. 

President Ames then spends the rest of the evening with one of the ward or stake leaders that the Zone leaders have arranged. It helps him to know of the strengths and concerns in the different areas/stakes and mostly gives the leaders the opportunity to let President Ames how he and the missionaries can help them in their particular area/Stake/ward.  Our hope is that I will be able to go out on visits/exchanges with some sister leaders in the stake and wards as well.

Interview weeks.... though exhausting are truly amazing!! Our missionaries are truly using their time effectively, and teaching to the people's needs and desires, giving them hope, happiness, true and everlasting knowledge.  Our missionaries are just amazing.