Friday, May 17, 2013


This is a little off topic on preparing for the mission, but just wanted to quickly add that somehow we have managed so far to have all of our birthdays all lined up, neatly in a row, one right after the other, (which I might add has proven to be very convenient!) 
Starting in Dec, Alex our oldest has his (in which he celebrated in Provo, Utah where he living) he turned 23 this year. Then the very next month, January is Jacob's (our youngest) who turned 12 this year.  

The very next month, February is Isaac's our 2nd oldest who this year celebrated in Chile on his mission and turned 21 (he being the 2nd one standing, to the right)

Then just 3 days later, the mother of the bunch celebrates her birthday(yes we are still in February)

 Very next month, March is the dad of the bunch's birthday...

Followed the very next month by our daughter, Jessica who turned sweet 16 this year and was it ever sweet.....
It was then so convenient for our daughter-in-law, Chelsea to stay right in sync and have her birthday, in May, indeed the very next month! With her and Alex's surprise visit to welcome Isaac home, we were able to celebrate her birthday with her.

No pressure of course, but it would be great if the next birthday could occur in June?