Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thank heaven for returned missionaries!

It seems to have only taken a couple of days to get Isaac acclimated back into living in America
1. Become accustomed to a new climate or to new conditions.
2. Respond physiologically or behaviorally to a change in a single environmental factor.
 past tense ofac·cli·mate (Verb)
  After a trip to the mall with his sister for some civilian updated clothing, shoes, and after obtaining other necessities like a cell phone, and a used ipad (that his brother Alex gave him) Isaac was off!  With only 17 days left before we leave, our "to do" list seems to be getting more and more important to finish.  I have now had the honor to experience 2 return missionaries.  One of the many qualities/strengths that return missionaries can and most likely do acquire is hard work and discipline and Isaac did not disappoint!  He  has managed to narrow down our "to do" list quite a bit, by power washing the deck, taking apart the trampoline (which he said "was a lot harder than it looked"!) staining the deck.....

                    \      getting his dad up @ 5:30 to do P90x but had a great sunset to greet them when they were finished.
replacing his retainer, getting a required TB test, washing all the outside windows, replacing the weather strips in doorways, fixing the tile in master bathroom among many other things!  Mostly though he has added much laughter and enjoyment, teaching us in many ways that its okay to have urgency but not anxiety.

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