Sunday, September 1, 2013

Home Sweet Mission Home

September is here!  Just to quickly review...From the moment we stepped off the plane in July we have hit the ground running! After being treated to some Texas hospitality...
 we visited the office, met the senior couples office staff, and were then taken to the Mission Home, where it would be "home sweet home" for the the next 3 years.  The Sagers kindly gave us some last minute counsel, handed over the mission phones, mission cars, along with their duties, responsibilities, encouragement.... and then just like that they were gone!  It didn't take long for our new mission cell phones to start ringing and to comprehend that we were suddenly responsible for over 26o missionaries! We felt....we felt....we felt.... well we just felt.   We spent Saturday unpacking and attempting to make our mission house a home, especially for Jessica and Jacob.  
One has to reach out at times, when it comes to family!
(family sign...check!)
Proclamation to the Family (check!)

Picture of the KC Temple (check!)
 A gift given to us by a member in the Liberty Stake
Found the perfect spot for my star...deep in the heart of Texas..clap, clap, clap (check!)
Found a perfect spot for A.J. (my build a bear/gift from Chelsea and Alex with audio message included-check! )  
Willow Tree Collection (check!) 
Family pet to call our own (check!)
Family Pictures (check)
A tad bit outdated due to the fact that I accidentally packed and stored away the most current ones sent
(so looking especially forward to the ones sent this year!!) 

Magnet collection from the places we've been, (including the other side of the fridge-check!)

And last but not least....our prayer table.
A comment was made by one of the kids that this will be what the kids will fight over when we have passed on.  There have been many prayers of thanksgiving, gratitude and pleading around this table and many more to come.
"Home Sweet Mission Home"!!