Monday, September 23, 2013

This is no pair of jeans

Those training us at the Missionary Training Center told us, "we have found that it generally takes at least 100 days to get acclimated".  We have received great counsel from those who had gone before us and had served also as Mission Presidents, that we shouldn't be too hard on ourselves if we didn't quite feel like we were "getting it".   To be patient, and if we felt flustered or overwhelmed at first, to just know that that it was all normal.   It started to sound a lot like the Doctor after I would have children and want to get into those favorite pair of jeans.... except this is no pair of jeans!  This is 277 + missionaries!! Young Elders in suits and ties.  Young sweet sisters/in skirts and flats and the sweetest senior couples (10 to be exact)- Not to mention 80 wards, (the wards/congregations in the LDS church vary in size but are comprised of geographical area with anywhere from 300 to 700 members each ward) investigators, etc!!
Good to know its normal to feel overwhelmed at times, and that we're on day 87.....with only 12 more days to go to 100!