Friday, January 31, 2014

Meanwhile back at the ranch...with the fam

Back at the ranch (or rather Mission Home) Jacob celebrated his 13th Birthday.  A teenager at last!  Thankfully he hasn't started the eye rolling, sassy talkin attitude.  The morning started out with muffins, making a wish and blowing out candles.

Then it was time to drop Isaac off at the airport so he could get back to school.  I couldn't help but think how fast time flies (no pun intended)

Jacob, Isaac and Jessica

Jessica, Jacob, Isaac
Jacob joined Cross County and here in Texas they compete all year around. This was Jacob's first race on the A team, it was roughly 47 degrees so he was a bit chilly.  Thankfully he was pretty easy to spot with those red shoes (along with those long white Jensen legs)
When he's not running, he's usually doing something that involves music (singing, playing the piano and guitar) 
 Jacob also loves to create and experiment.  This is one of his experiments that he did New Year's Eve, a one that we all especially liked, a bowl made out of chocolate. Yum!

But after 6 months, Jacob is finally adjusting to the Texan ways!