Friday, January 31, 2014

smorgasbord of pictures from phone- Vol III (Jan)

This picture pretty much speaks for itself...ha ha 

 President Ames exercising...Rain or shine~!
Chelsea and Jessica choosing a movie for a girls night 
"Sister Ames, is this something I should be concerned about?" Its been this way for about a month." These missionaries obviously don't like to waste time worrying about themselves....  
But sometimes they just have to grin and bare it
This was taken at our last Missionary Leadership Council.  We had quite the group observing.  Representatives from the Missionary Department, and three future mission presidents who were recently called.
Taken at MLC- love to see how observant these missionary leaders are

Also love to see how diligently they take notes to take to their zones/areas.
This was a screen shot was taken by Jessica New Years.  I find it so sweet that her background/screen saver was taken from her Uncle Brian's funeral back in June. The balloons were released at his graveside. 
Celebrating New Years
Alex and Chelsea visiting at Christmas time

 Isaac, Jacob and Alex