Friday, March 28, 2014

Smorgasbord of pictures from phone- (Vol. V)

When life hands you lemons.....drink lemon water-.another visual aid I was sending to Isaac to take for his sore throat. That is one cute pucker 
Jacob was my visual aid in showing Isaac what he should be taking for his sore throat-guess he isn't very fond of cough drops 
For Spring Break, Jacob got to go to Hawaii with some great friends of ours-this is him saying a hui hou (good bye in Hawaiian) on his way out the door
This was one of the first pictures Jacob sent to me from Hawaii from his phone. I LOVE that he finds beauty in God's creations, was thoughtful to think of sending, and knew it would make me so happy.  Its now my background screen.
More pictures that Jacob sent to me from his phone

Meanwhile Jessica had a small spring break of her own. We took in some great sights/sites and stores and had a great road trip/time.

Who is this masked woman?........

Other random pictures from my phone.....

How we love our Senior Couples
And how we love our returning missionaries
I love this picture in that it captures a lot of the emotions that missionaries are feeling as they are loading up in the mission van for the last time, headed to the airport to return home after two years!