Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Transfers #6-Arriving Missionaries

This was one of the smallest groups that we had of Elders and Sisters.  They were a small group but MIGHTY...
Probably a good thing that they were smaller being that we were trying out a new schedule.  Rather than taking the missionaries straight to the Mission Home and feeding them the large welcoming barb-e-que dinner, followed by training at the church, deli dinner, interviews and more training-

We now drive from the airport straight to the church for training
with a light deli lunch waiting, and take pictures to send back home (letting mom and dad they have arrived safely). Training mainly includes going over their welcome binder, going over all the logistics, medical, expenses, housing, etc. and any other questions they may have.  The office staff then takes turns explaining about mailing procedures, referrals, housing, vehicles, etc. 
Two of three office couples
I (Sister Ames) then do some training on their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being.  President Ames then talks to them about the culture of our mission, our mantra, goals and expectations.  He then begins the interview process as the Assistants do some more training and practicing.  Once they are all interviewed, they then go out and proselyte!  We then take them to the mission home where they are treated to a brisket, baked beans, rolls, salad, fruit, Texas jello, Texas sheet cake and the famous Blue Bell ice cream. After dinner, thoughts and testimonies are shared and these newly arrived missionaries are ready for some sleep.  (some having been up since 3 am to catch their flight) 
The next morning, they are then taken back to the church where they are then introduced to their new trainers.  This is their first companion and first area....very exciting indeed! And off they go!
We were so impressed with these missionaries! They are coming so prepared and ready to serve.  They are going to be awesome and we love them already.