Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Transfer's #8- Incoming missionaries

Incoming missionaries...

1.  Welcome and hug each one of them (President hugs the Elders and I hug the Sisters) as soon as they step off the plane... Its fun to have other passengers come through the gate and say to us, "they're coming"!
 2.  Help them locate, claim and organize their luggage. 
3.  Help them feel welcomed and answer any questions they may have. (Assistant Woodruff doing just that)
 4.  President Ames...doing what he does
 5.  Once baggage is located, assembled and organized, transport to mission trailer.
 6.  Locate trailer and start walking towards it

with a great attitude/smile no less!

 7.  Once trailer is located, load all the luggage into it

 8.  Inform missionaries who have never been to Texas in the month of May that a coat is not necessary...although its a really cute coat and color!:)

 9.  Once luggage is loaded, head to the church for a simple lunch, training on vehicles and bike safety, office procedures, housing information, medical information, referral procedures, proselyting activity, picture to send home to family letting them know you arrived, and an interview with the President.
 Part of the office staff who do so very much
 One of the Spanish Training Leaders showing how to respond and report a  referral 

Most of these missionaries have been up since 3AM to make their flight, and sometimes its very hard for them to stay awake and concentrate....
 but somehow they manage to do it!
 10.  Meet back at the Mission home where a Texas "Howdy" and barb-e-que brisket meal is waiting for them.
 This transfer with all my kids visiting, my daughter in law, Chelsea helped me decorate the tables up so cute!
 She also made this sign to hang on the mantle...so cute and inviting!

 These are a GREAT group of missionaries!!!
After dinner, testimonies and thoughts shared, they turn in for the night and meet their trainers/first companions in the morning!

After a nice breakfast together, some final training and instructions, some idea of where they will be serving.... they are off and running!