Thursday, February 27, 2014

New Trainer, missionary and District Leader Follow up Mtg

After the new missionaries have been out for a few weeks with their trainers, we have a follow up meeting with them along with their District Leaders.  This has been such a neat thing to see these brand new missionaries transform in a matter of weeks from nervous, apprehensive, a bit overwhelmed.... to confident, happy, extra-milers~ By this time, most of them have already had amazing experiences, changing people's lives for the better, including their own.  They are finding confidence in keeping the rules as they are slowly but surely finding out who they are.  They are stretched and pulled, and their very natures are beginning to change.  Its an amazing things to witness, and I don't think we will ever tire of it!

Seriously, Sister Ames I can't concentrate  with you there taking pictures...I tried to tell him that I was playing the part of the "distractions" they may have to encounter while teaching (also, I can't help myself...I'm so proud)

Practicing with the President

Practicing with President Vest