Sunday, February 9, 2014

February on we go!

February in our family is a month to celebrate!  First we have our wedding anniversary, and this year we celebrated 25 years..... 
25 years=Silver Anniversary
Meaning: The silver symbolizes the "harmony" that a couple needs to sustain a marriage for such a long period of time.

Though we are not quite sure what we visualized in how we would be spending our 25 year anniversary, we certainly did not expect to be serving a mission in Texas!  But among all the rushing around, and the busyness that comes with being in charge of 280 missionaries, it makes for an amazing silver anniversary="harmonious" marriage.

  •  Then on the 13th of February, we celebrate Isaac's Birthday

  • With Isaac away at College, we sent him a birthday package and had to settle with  singing him his birthday songs over the phone as we were traveling to and from Zone Conference.
Then who can forget Valentines Day on the 14th (hopefully not spouses!) 

And then just two days later we celebrate Kim's/mom's/my birthday!
 I woke up to a beautiful bouquet of flowers and gifts,  attended an amazing Stake Conference-where I was completely inspired and edified, followed it with a 2 hr nap, then woke to an amazing grilled salmon and shrimp dinner, where I then got to blow out candles and celebrate with with all my children present.(#loveskypewithchildren) Then I got to relax, read, visit with my mother and mother-in-law, and ended the day with amazing homemade brownies delivered to our door.  It was a great birthday indeed and has been another great far.