Thursday, April 24, 2014

Meanwhile...back home at the ranch

Meanwhile....Alex and Chelsea are doing what they do in Utah...(working, studying, playing....becoming) and are planning a visit in May- can't wait!
Alex had a layover in DFW Airport for a couple of hours so we picked him up, grabbed some lunch and hugs!

Isaac is still at school, studying, working hard (and hopefully eating healthy~)  He was able to attend his mission farewell that was held around Conference time.  He too is going to be able to visit in May and we are so excited!

Jacob is keeping busy with school, scouts, and other activities. He is in the process of earning his rock climbing merit badge-
Jacob # 32
Jessica had the opportunity to sing with a live symphony at the Dallas Symphony Center.  It was a phenomenal show and we are so proud of her. 

It was also Jessica's 17th birthday!! She truly does add sugar and spice to our family!!
Though miles and states away, Alex, Chelsea and Isaac were able to join with us in singing happy birthday to her.

She also got her wisdom teeth pulled....below is the conversation via text between Alex, Isaac, Jacob, Chels and myself.  (A note of explanation when it refers to g-ma's future grave....with Jessica and her G-ma Dee Dee's so very close, it is THE solemn promise of all promises and holds all credibility that one is bound to act or not act in the name of G-ma dee dee) 
AA=Alex Ames
IA= Isaac Ames
 JA= Jacob Ames
     CA=  Chelsea Ames

 (small insert/note that Jacob keeps changing his contact info to "most favorite child" in case one was wondering) 

I love that we have so many ways in which we are able to keep in touch with each other.  Although we are constantly busy with all these great 285 missionaries, our children are constantly in our thoughts.  They are so supportive and continually amaze us.