Thursday, April 17, 2014

Transfers #7- Departing Missionaries

 When the time comes for when missionaries leave to go home, it is a very bitter sweet experience.  Its so very hard to have to say good-bye, but so very sweet to see how strong, confident and aware they are.  They seem to see life as it really is with their values and beliefs rooted deep inside them, ready to take on new challenges and experiences.  
Love attending the Temple together
After we have sent the arriving missionaries off with their new trainers, have helped the other missionaries (who have been transferred to a new area and/or new companion) get to where they need to be, its off to the Temple we go.  After a quick lunch and a full day of worship in the Temple, we meet back at the Mission Home where they are served a departing barb-e-que meal, complete with brisket, rolls, baked beans, potato salad, etc. and blue bell ice cream.  After dinner, we meet back together to share thoughts and testimonies, along with their binders.  Included in their binders are all the weekly letters that they have written their mission president along with letters their Mission President wrote them.  Then slowly but surely comes the bitter part....when they have to leave.  

Some of Jacob's "other" older brothers....
Will sure miss these awesome missionaries
Departing Senior Couple
How we love and will miss the Wrigley's!!  They have had an enormous impact on the area they have served in.  We are constantly amazed at their level of love and sacrifices made.  We will forever treasure them and their friendship.

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