Sunday, April 28, 2013

40 days and 40 nights

We have 40 days and 40 nights until we leave Missouri....and the forecast is predicting nice weather ahead!  It helps that our second son, Isaac (Elder Ames) will be coming home in 10 days after not seeing him for 2 years!  He has been serving a mission in Chile, and from his e-mails, loving every minute of it....even despite the fleas the size of a thumbnail, hernias, pin worms, couple earthquakes among other adventures!  He now speaks Spanish fluently, has a deep love for Chile and the people there, and with him as a traveling assistant these past few weeks, he can now sleep easily on a bus or floor.  Hmmm...wish we would have known that before we set his bed back up. :-)
We can't believe how fast 2 years has gone! He'll be coming home and speaking in church on Mother's Day.  We'll be leaving and speaking in church two weeks later.

Pictured above is just one of the many Concepcion Chile mission zones.  The one smiling really big would be our Elder Ames, or is it the one in the nice dark suit? Or the one 2 back and to the right from the sister in the yellow sweater? And that would be his Mission President and wife sitting in front on the right.   Its so nice to see how happy they are, and they don't look tired, nope not one bit!

To those who are not members of our faith:
What are Zones??-Every part of the world is assigned to be within a mission of the church, whether or not LDS missionaries are active in the area.  A mission president presides over the missionaries in the mission.  

Most missions are divided into several zones, a zone being a geographical area specified by the mission president (though these are often the same area as the LDS ecclesiastical unit known as a "Stake") Each Zone encompasses several missionaries, and each mission encompasses several zones.  In Texas there are 13 zones and total as of now 275 missionaries.  

What does it mean to "give a talk"?- During worship services on Sundays, members of the congregation are selected in advance to give a "talk" (the LDS equivalent of a "sermon") on a particular gospel principle or topic.  Often the congregation will hear from one or two youth speakers and one or two adult speakers during these meetings.