Wednesday, April 3, 2013

House for rent

So yesterday, the rental company (that we are having rent out our home while we are gone) came to take pictures of what it felt like every nook and cranny of our home.  This of course meant cleaning, cleaning, and even more cleaning!  Kim ran Jacob to school, then went back home and is pretty sure she just cleaned for four straight hours.  She was feeling the pressure of everything looking "just right"....because after all, these are the pictures that will be shown to interested, potential renters.  Kim- "I think I can honestly say that my house was pretty close the cleanest I have had it in a long time"!  The company came and went, but not without putting the lease sign in our yard first (sniff) it was a surreal moment, that we were really leaving for three years.

It didn't help to see Jessica and Jacob playing and frolicking through the yard, playing basketball AND to have one of the prettiest sunsets of the year.  Okay, realistically, we get one of these gorgeous Missouri sunsets at least once a week.  Its one of our most favorite things about Missouri and where our home is located.
Kim had an appt she needed to get to after dropping Jessica and Jacob off at home and couldn't help but think as she was driving away..."I sure hope the house will still be that clean when I get home".  It didn't take her long to realize once she walked in the door, that things just weren't where they belonged.... in that living room chairs were replaced with the fridge and the couch was replaced with, pretty sure a part from the bathroom? And there's the table from the kitchen.

My once organized house was organized no more..................
Pretty sure that is a toilet brush laying on plastic in the just cleaned living room...along with the flour, sugar, goldfish box among other random items, in the just cleaned and organized laundry room...replacing the beach towels, now covering items in the pantry of course.

And then Kim remembers as Jacob is helping Rodney pull trim off the kitchen floor, that the floors are getting sanded and stained the next morning...and THEN she remembers that they are staying downstairs and off the main level where the kitchen, laundry room and master bedroom are for the three days that the floor is being worked on....  And all Kim wants to do is curl up next to her kitty, who seems to have the right idea..