Sunday, April 7, 2013

Down in the basement, to do list and all

Just to quickly recap...the rental company that we hired to rent out our house for the 3 years that we will be gone, suggested that in order to be able to rent for the higher bracket, we needed to refinish our floors, replace our sink and put a fresh coat of paint on the walls.  So in order to do the floors, we have lived in our basement for the past 3 days.  Other than having to eat out of the storage room, its actually been a fun experience!  What more does one need than a toaster, bread and water, nutella, peanut butter and thrive canned goods!

 Okay we did order in some dinners at least, and glad that we did because this was Kim and Jessica's fortune found in a fortune cookie that we were splitting, when we ordered Chinese food.....we thought it was very appropriate  with us leaving in 57 days...but who's counting?!
We were finding that our "to do" list of things to do before leaving was scattered around on sticky notes, notebooks, ipads, etc. so to try and make it easier, we created a "Master List" of things that needed to be done in the next 57 days, along with forms that needed to be filled out, etc.  That too went down in the basement with us and down in the basement, it just may stay, at least for a few more days.
But even with so much that needs to be done, in a small amount of time....we always take time to enjoy what we love most about Missouri....


  1. Such a great post! And that fortune cookie thing? Wink from the universe!! Most people won't understand what that means but that's between us! wink wink)

  2. 57 days!! Is that all you have left?! Missouri's loss is definitely Texas's gain. Y'all come back soon, ya hear!