Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Here we go again

One of the many things that we need to do before we leave for our mission, is rent (or if persuaded for the right price) sell our home.  To do this, we obviously must show our home to those interested, even if it means last minute.  The great thing about this, is that we get a really clean and tidy house!  Again, as stated in an earlier posting, it was so nice to think that the cleaning and organizing for the house was done for the week, allowing us to concentrate on other things on our "to do" list...Or so Kim thought.....similar to an earlier post, she cleaned most of the day on Monday for the home to be shown, but then early the next morning, after dropping Jacob off at school came home to this....again.....

And then she remembers....the walls are being painted today, tomorrow and the next day.  Its about now that she remembers that she gets to attend a much needed "Time out for Women" conference with her sweet sister-in-law Sarah and friends from church.

(this is the only picture we took of us, maybe because we were in "time out")??