Monday, June 10, 2013

Allen Ames Family Reunion/Park City

The week of June 10th was spent at the Allen Ames family reunion in Salt Lake/Park City.  All of the siblings were able to make it except for Ben and his family.  (Living out of the country makes it especially difficult to make all the organized events.) But they were missed nonetheless.  The reunion was spent serving at the Welfare Square in Salt Lake, swimming, hiking, shooting guns, among other family activities which included family competitions/games (included Jessica eating 3 enormous marshmallow's, Isaac eating an entire jar of baby food, Rodney eating 3 jalapeno sardines, and putting a puzzle together in record time) we don't want to boast....but we WON!!   

But most importantly it included bonding together!! 

Putting together school backpacks

Putting together hygiene kits

Few thoughts on this picture....why is Josh holding a bag in his mouth? Would you believe the couple on the far right is engaged to be married?(adorable) Jacob is the only one holding the "thumbs up",(obviously he's been well trained) and someone in the far back is showing off quite the muscle oh and is also holding the "thumb us" (it appears he's been well trained as well)

To pose.....or not to pose....that is the question

Jessica and Jacob got to shoot and did amazing!  But it was only captured on video so just gotta take our word for it-:) Oh and Charlie is borrowing my favorite pair of sun glasses.
Winner of the baby food eating contest

I don't know why Isaac is accused of being competitive...with a face like that??


Isaac is so happy we won the competitions, he can't contain himself

Each family was given the assignment of preparing and providing the meal.  We were in charge of dinner Wednesday night and wow did we work hard to prepare our meal! Pizza, salad and cookies from Sam's Club!

Guardian of the cookies!
The kids loved being thrown by their older cousin Isaac

The reunion was time well spent indeed!