Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Journey....part III

Just to recap:
We've packed up the house, rented our house, drove from Missouri to Utah.  Visited (and pretty much set up camp at Alex and Chelsea's house), Rodney and Jacob flew back to Missouri to attended Scout Camp, Jessica attended BYU Provo, Isaac got two jobs for the summer (and is starting to have some awesome, cute dates), we attended a family reunion, attended the MTC, attended an unexpected and tragic funeral, attend a performance of Alex's accapela group Concrete, (who was asked to open for the Rockapella,)  was set apart as Missionaries, spent some amazing time together as a family, which brings us to our last night together until hopefully Christmas when they can come and visit.  Isaac had to work, the 6 of us went to eat and then met up with Isaac at work for dessert and one last hug.  
It was a bitter, sweet night.  We were excited to start our mission, but sad to have to say good bye.  


Isaac...doing what he does @ work