Thursday, June 20, 2013

The passing of Brian Sargent

When we began this blog, our intent was to document our journey before our mission and during our mission with some other adventures along the way.  We never expected or ever fathomed that we would be attending the funeral of Brian, our sweet Millie's husband.  It happened the week of the 17th. Rodney was in Missouri at Scout Camp with Jacob, Jessica was at EFY and I had just gone to visit Millie and Brian the night before, where Brian shared experiences of his mission, gave me much needed information that would help me be the the wife of a Mission President and told me again how proud he was of Rodney and me.  Brian always made us feel so awesome.  We entered the MTC that next Saturday for the week and were able to attend his viewing the very day we got out of the MTC.  We then were able to attend his funeral the day before we left for our Mission to Fort Worth, Texas. We consider it a small miracle that we had that one day open before flying out the very next morning.  God's hands truly are in all things. Millie is the youngest sister of Rodney, and is 7th of the eight children.  After High School, she headed West and there she met Brian her sweet husband.  They have 3 beautiful children
This is a picture that Brian had on his Facebook.   We love it for so many reasons.  We love the caption that he added,   because they do in fact have it all, they have been sealed as a family and are truly an eternal family.  Their firm belief is that they will be together again.  What comfort this sweet sentence gives! To all who believe. 
There are so many things we love and could say about Brian, but will only share a few....
1. He was so giving. He always was thinking of others, even when he was hurting.  
2.We loved the way he treated Millie.  He always talked very kind and lovingly to and about Millie. He would do anything for her.
3.When Alex and Chelsea held their Open House in Utah (after their reception in Kansas City)Brian was the first one there to help and the last one to leave.  That is just the way Brian was.  Alex and Chelsea had the opportunity to go on camp-outs with them and he inspired Alex in many ways including his love for gun collections.;-)
4. He was always doing kind deeds, a lot went without others knowing. He never did it for glory or attention.
5. Our wedding anniversary is the same month/day and so Every year Brian would ask Rodney and Kim to go on a "anniversary cruise" together, and we always had reasons why we couldn't, but finally did last summer, we went. 

Love how happy Brian looks here.....

Thank you Brian, we'll always look up to you in many ways.
Alex, Isaac and Jacob at the grave site 

Jessica, Alex and Rodney

These balloons were released to the song, "Somewhere over the Rainbow" after Brian's grave was dedicated by his Father.  It was breathtaking.