Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Journey...Part II

Our plan was to stay in a hotel near Alex and Chelsea, but once we got to their house and saw that they had 2 extra bedrooms, (and an extra large sofa) we offered to take the money that we had budgeted for the hotel and put it into their new house.  It was an offer they could not refuse and so we spent Saturday installing ceiling fans, window blinds, and cooling units.  It was a lot of fun to be together and their house is perfect for the two of them at this time in their life. And really how much of a bother could we be?..................

Bentley sure doesn't seem to mind 
A mother's worst fear upon returning from her morning walk.... to find in front of her son and daughter-in-law's home, comcast vans (w/trailer I might add) orange cones, workers, cables and ladders leading to power lines, because it can only mean one internet!! (okay mother's 2nd worst fear) 

This is the view from their house...Alex and Chelsea are constantly being nagged by mom if they appreciate their beautiful mountains.....

While we were there, Alex's acapella group got an invitation to open for a well known acapella group, Rockapella, who was perfoming in South Jordan

It was a treat to say the least to see Alex perform once again!


Alex up front and....on the right

Because it would be another 3 yrs before Rodney would be able to go to Scout camp with Jacob, they spent the week of the 17th at Scout Camp back in KC and Jessica attended EFY in Provo with a good friend from KC