Friday, December 13, 2013

Meanwhile back at the ranch..with the fam

December 12th was our oldest, Alexander's 24th birthday.  Its' so hard to believe he is 24.  For the past couple of years, we have taken some of his baby photo's and have posted them on facebook.  Its fun to see how many people enjoy them, and how could one not with a cute face like his! 

  He and his wife Chelsea, just celebrated their two year wedding anniversary on Dec. 17th   
Ugly Christmas Sweater-2013
Isaac has been going very hard at school and is looking forward to a much needed break. 

Campus- 2013
Meanwhile Jessica is taking time to smell the....pine/Christmas tree
Being a great sister to her brother
Helping to get ready for the Holidays
Jacob along with running in Cross Country, is performing at his many choir concerts

We are so excited for Alex, Chelsea and Isaac to come and visit for Christmas we can hardly stand it! It will be the first Christmas together in 5 years.