Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas Missionary Devotional

For Christmas, we wanted to do something extra special for the missionaries, so we provided them with a Christmas Missionary Devotional.  We divided the mission into three parts/days, we served them lunch, (they even sang to us as a thank you-a very fun surprise!) watched a movie (How Rare a Possession) sang and performed Christmas musical numbers together and then had closing thoughts from President and Sister Ames.  We ended by presenting them with personal letters sent to them by their Parents, Stake Presidents and Bishops that the office has been collecting.  It was very moving to watch them read the letters and wipe tears away.  It was a wonderful way to celebrate Christmas and it seemed to take on a much personal and intimate meaning this year.  
TUESDAY, Dec. 17th

WEDNESDAY, Dec. 18th


THURSDAY, Jan. 12th

It was very inspiring to be with these missionaries and to watch them visit, mingle, laugh and bond with each other.  They were constantly looking for opportunities to serve and help, they were respectful and had great manners. Like the aprons say..."Life is the Texas Fort Worth Mission"!!  Though it was our gift to serve them, they are the ones that are and always will be a gift to us.