Wednesday, December 4, 2013

smorgasbord of phone pictures-Volume I

We were cleaning out pictures on our phones and thought it would be fun to share.  Even though most pictures posted are indeed taken from our phone, it makes for a fun smorgasbord of memories!
Jacob watching General Conference, easy style and what better way to watch Conference than with a box of chicken McNuggets from McDonalds
President Ames also watching General Conference easy style
Visiting the TCU campus stadium- we know some great students who go to school there and had to visit 

Love these pictures because it shows what a great father President Ames continues to be with all that he is responsible for.  He is always taking time for his family....even if it means shooting hoops in his suit.
Jacob leaving a message for dad in the Mission office
 Doing some Christmas shopping
Jacob running from Christmas shopping

       Find a pepper pick it gets HOT with any luck.....Elder Henderson loves hot peppers

Jacob has started Cross Country and will often ask Jessica to run with him 
Often find these cute little things running around the house....very common in Texas, so common that we are starting to catch and name them
Forgot we had taken this picture! This was a Thanksgiving surprise by a return missionary Elder Erickson who came to visit us with his parents.  He is very talented and we talked him into singing us a song on the guitar along with a song he wrote on the piano- it was amazing.
President Ames.....constantly on the run