Wednesday, December 4, 2013

smorgasbord of pictures from phone-Vol II

With my sissy (Michelle) at our Missionary farewell back home
This was taken when trying to decide what dishes I should serve when having Elder Anderson and Elder Callister for dinner because this was not a time for paper plates! It was unanimous that we should use the Texas bluebonnet fine china 

 This is what was prepared and served by our very good friends the Daines.  It was amazing pork tenderloin with cranberry, roasted potatoes, fresh green beans and the best chocolate desert we ever tasted.  Elder Callister's most favorite dessert is anything chocolate so Sister Daines didn't disappoint.  It was all just incredible.

This was taken at the Michael Buble concert that Alex (oldest son) got Jessica tickets for, down on the floor next to the stage.  It was a great daughter/mother activity for sure!

This was our first visitor from home, my sissy Michelle!
So of course we had to treat her to legitimate Texas barb-b-que.....but not without some distractions

It was obviously worth the wait
(pretty confident she's going to kill me for posting this picture)
People always tell us that we look a lot alike, and when it comes to our feet...I would have to agree!
Even though it was only for a few short days, it was really nice to have her visit