Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Transfers #4...Arriving Missionaries!

 Monday was spent getting the house ready for our Arriving NEW MISSIONARIES!  By Tuesday morning the house was clean,  shopping had been done, tables and chairs set up.

the barb-e-que brisket ordered, along with the baked beans, rolls, potato salad, fruit salad, Texas pretzel jello, green salad, Texas sheet cake and Blue Bell Ice cream.  
It was then time to leave for the airport to pick up the missionaries! We always love this part!

The first to arrive were the Spanish speaking missionaries. They left nice warm weather at the MTC in Mexico to a 32 degrees in Texas.  Gotta love Elder's Hornberger's Texas tie!
From left to right: Elder Ray, Elder Elder Leavitt, President Ames, Elder Hornberger, and Elder Hagen-spanish speaking


As we were waiting for the mission van and trailer to pull up, we got 3 referrals/interest in wanting to know more about the Gospel and what it was all about! Two of the referrals was the result of one of our new missionaries, Elder Smith.  He recognized that two of the men standing among us were from the same country within Africa.  He took a chance and started speaking to them in his language and when they realized they were from the same country, they asked about why Elder Smith was there among other questions.  Elder Smith's response was, "I know I am supposed to be here in Texas Fort Worth"! Great way to start a mission!
We then took the missionaries to the Mission Home for some Texas Barb-e-que, testimony meeting, pictures to e-mail to their families (letting them know they had arrived safely), and then headed to the church for some training.
"In all of living...life is meant to be enjoyed, not just endured" President Gordon B Hinkley

Elder Brown leading us in an opening song- The missionaries aren't asked IF they can lead, they are just asked by the Assistants if they would be willing to lead.  Elder Brown didn't disappoint, and it helped that he did it with a big grin on his face.

Role Practicing!

 After training, the Elders go back and stay at the Assistants apartment (sleeps 15 with bunk beds) and then meet back at the church to meet their first companion/Trainer!!
Elder Jacobson is training Elder Crawmer
Elder Spencer is training Elder Smith 
Elder Henrie is training Elder Hornberger 
Elder Wuttke is training Elder Douglas 
Elder Partridge is training Elder Hyde 
Elder Barnette is training Elder Hagen 
Elder Green is training Elder Nelson  
Elder Pierce is training Elder Ray 
Elder Bingham is training Elder Frickey 
Elder Winterbottom is training Elder Brown 
Elder Christiansen is training Elder Stewart 
Elder Boettcher is training Elder Evensen 
Elder Iglinski is training Elder Peterson
Elder Frehner is training Elder Addington
Elder Gomez is training Elder Leavitt

This is a great group of missionaries and we know that they are going to be just amazing!

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